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More New Toys

Over the past month I’ve collected a few more bits and pieces to add to my gear-bag.

The most important addition being a new Canon EOS 40D dSLR body.  This is the bigger brother to my previous body, the 400D.  While i won’t bore you with technical specifications, they can all be found HERE, including a detailed revie, there are a number of differences which make is simply easier to use and can help produce better images.

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Throw some light on the subject..

I’ve been gearing up to purchase myself a Speedlite for quite some time by reading a few reviews and getting some advice from others in the industy, so this week I shelled out for Canon’s 43EXII.

Preview at CLICK HERE

Luckily I got in before the coming price rise and also managed to bargan a substantial discount from the salesman at the time too.

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Sigma 10-20mm First Shots

These shots were taken at lunch today, around Hobart’s waterfront.
Obviously not the best lighting at midday, but i wanted to see how the wide angle coped with some upward shots with overhead sun.
I must say, I can see this lens getting a lot of use. I love it’s width, and it doesn’t seem to suffer from any “softness” that is reported with some Sigma lenses. (Only out of correct focus, which was my fault for usinf a larger than intended aperture setting)

The Big 'O'

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More New Gear On The Way

Since I began the journey into SLR land i’ve always been keen to get my hands on a good wide-angle lens, as my current, main lens is only as wide as 28mm, which may be fine on a 35mm or Full-frame DSLR, but on a Cropped-Sensor DSLR such as the 400D i have, it’s really only 44mm wide. which gives relatively poor results for taking great landscapes of shooting indoors.

So I set about hunting out a great deal on a good quality lens. I read countless reviews and lens lens tests on all the major players, such as
Canon’s EF-s10-22mm USM
Sigma’s 10-20mm EX-DC HSM
Tamron’s 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di-II
Tokina’s 12-24mm AT-X PRO DX
and also a number of different Canon EF Prime lenses.

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Step Back in Time: The World of Film

I have recently picked myself up a bargain-priced, Canon EOS 30V 35mm film SLR.  Which was released by Canon approximately at teh same time that my 400D Digital SLR was, and the added benefit is that all my lenses and future accessories will be compatible with both bodies. (With the exception of EF-S lenses).


The 30V also has a system called Eye Control Focusing. It works simply by “knowing” which part of the viefinder you are looking at, and it will focus on the nearest AutoFocus Zone to where you are looking.
Generally a point and shoot camera will focus at the centre of the image all the time. SLR cameras have multiple focus points that are usually selected manually by the user by pressing buttons, or the camera can automatically select the “best” point. But the Eye Control Focus lets the user slect the point manually by simply looking at the desired point of the frame.
For example if you’re shooting a group of people standing in a line, you would compose the image so as to fit everyone in the frame as desired, but if you want to highlight the focus on one particular individual, you would simply look at that person through the viewfinder and press the shutter release to take the image. Very neat system when used in the right places.

I have always loved the “suprise” of opening a pack of freshly printed photo’s that were shot with film, and there is something just plain fun about shooting film.

I also love black and white, especially for portraits or groups of people, which I feel digital lacks the character that B&W film can deliver.  It also adds a little elegance to portraits, and also highlights the technical attributes of a picture.  Rather than being reliant on bright/ saturated colours to grab your attention, your composition, lighting and perspective must do the attention grabbing instead.

Thanks to Nige Honey for suggesting I see Alan at PhotoForce in Hobart (free plug) to discuss what options for film would best suit my needs.

So hopefully I have somthing worthwhile to share in the near future.


The Eyes of EOS, reccomended reading

Yesterday i was loaned a book by a family friend,

“EF Lens Work III, The Eyes of EOS”

it’s a publication by Canon, which details the entire EF lens range as well as a world of information including -Choices of lenses for different types of photography

-Full Technical specifications on the EF and EF-S lenses

-Theory of light including, reflection, refraction, optics and lens theory

-Construction and technical operation of the IS (Image Stabalisation) and AF (AutoFocus) systems.

There is also a downloadable version (in parts) available for those unaware of books!!

It can be found HERE

From what i’ve read so far, it’s a brilliant learning resource combined with an array of Canons marketing material. It is even very beneficial for the non-Canon users out there who would like a little more depth into the how and why’s of lens operation and science.


My Vintage Camera Equipment

Approximately 10 years ago my father was given an old (1950’s I believe) professional quality film SLR, buy his uncle.

We used it on a trip to Bathurst in 1997 and it took some amazing quality shots, for a man and his son,  not knowing anything about photography, and also being unsure of the physical condition of the camera itself.

Since taking up photography as a more serious hobby recently, I have begun a process of teaching mself the finer points of using this piece of photographic history, and also shooting with film. somthing i probably haven’t done for 10 years.

The camera itself is an Exakta Varex VX (unsure of what series) built in East Germany, post WWII.

It also has a range of Carl Zeiss Lenses

-35mm F4.5

-50mm F2.8

-135mm F4

as well as Macro extension tubes, light meter, and different (interchangable) prism eyepiece.

Over the next few months, I hope to get my hands on some decent quality film and see what I can do with it.

But for now I’m just running off a few random shots on cheap film to get a feel for the settings and the machine itself.

I’ll keep you posted with the results when I have some that are worth sharing.

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