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Wedding Shots

I had the pleasure of attending one of my best friends’ wedding a few weeks ago.
Although they had their own photographer for the day, I did take it upon myself to try and get around some of the other guests for some candid shots of them enjoying the evening.

I will say that I have a new found respect for professionsal wedding/ function photographers as you have to try and deal with so many location and human difficulties when composing a shot in 1/50th of a second.
Such as distracting backgrounds, un-level surfaces/ walls, optical illusions, light sources (or lack thereof), the suitability of your own gear for the task (28mm on a 1.6 crop body is waay to narrow for indoor group shots, and F3.5 is waay to slow for a dimly lit room!!).

Anyway, after a decent amount of processing and culling of a LOT of terrible shots, here’s a few i’m happy to share.

See, distracting background, damn coffee machine!!

See, distracting background, damn coffee machine!!

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Candid Photography

I was at dinner over the weekend for a family-friends birthday, and of course i had the camera sitting on the table amongst the food.
Both myself and another guest are camera nuts, and we’ve both recently purchased new gear. I’ve got the Canon 400D and he’s got a larger and newer Olympus E-3, so we had a bit of show and tell amongst ourselves for the majority of the evening, and it was mosy enjoyable taking some great candid shots of everyone else.

I find great pleasure in taking “random” or “candid” photo’s at gatherings of family and friends, and having good equipment makes the task so much more enjoyable when you see nice sharp images that aren’t washed out, as you tend to find when taking photo’s with a point and shoot.
It just gives a nice feeling in a few months/ years time to look back on the images and remember what a great time was had.

One memory from the night, was our other photo-nut, trying to teach my (relatively) technologically-illetirate (de-facto) father-in-law how to use his new E-3, and a little about the basics of aperture settings and shutter-speed, and their effects on an image. All of this after a few glasses of “fizzy cordial” and during The Rolling Stones, rocking on in the background.

Here’s one of my fav’s from the night

With the DSLR market becoming much more affordable and easier to use with the introduction of very basic DSLR’s such as the new Canon 1000D which have a lot of the “gimmicky” features of point and shoot cameras, but they still give you access to the brilliant quality and speed of SLR lenses for every possible occasion.
This, accompanied by prices for a basic package that are equivalent to the top of the line point & shoots, means that it’s even more accessible to more people to be able to take great pictures, to make the memory of the event even more special.

And finally, another one of our new “pro”

All images shot with Canon 400D and 50mm F1.8

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