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2009 Calendars

It’s been a while since I’ve used some of the extra features that RedBubble offer.
So I decided that I’d put together a 2009 Calendar for myself. It can be found in my online gallery < HERE >

If anyone is interested in having any 13 (one cover image and one for each month) of my images turned into a calendar feel free to e-mail me and I’d be happy to arrange the images as you like, so you can then order one from RedBubble direct.


Falling Apart

While on a lunchbreak at work i thought i’d take a leisurely walk around the local area with the camera and see if i could spot anything interesting worth shooting.  I’m trying to expand my skills and process into architecture and after being inspired by some of Alex Wise’s, Balck and Whites (free plug!! you can find his blog on the sidebar over there >>>)

I saw some relatively interesting stuff, but the older buildings usually have a lot more character, and lend themselves to black and white a little more, due to the natural contrasts produced by their varying colours and textures.  None moreso than Hobarts, Holy Trinity Church, which has recently fallen into disrepair with the sandstone begining to deteriorate, and evensome of the small spires falling to the ground below.

Shot with Canon 400D, EF28-135mm

Shot with Canon 400D, EF28-135mm

Shot with Canon 400D, Ef28-135mm

Shot with Canon 400D, Ef28-135mm

Feel free to leave a comment or any advice you may have


Night Shoots

Every now and then I have some free time after the sun has gone down, simply to wander around and see what looks good under moonlight or streetlights.

Tonight I was on my way to a mates place and saw the Tasman bridge against a  wonderful dark-blue sky.

There was another person who arrived a minute after i’d setup the tripod and taken a couple of shots, who decided to try and take some photo’s of the same scene with a point and shoot and with the flash on.

I wonder how his turned out??

Shot with Canon 400D, Canon EF28-135mm at 28mm, 13 second exposure

Shot with Canon 400D, Canon EF28-135mm at 28mm, 13 second exposure


All Work and No Play?? Not Me!!

Due to my current position with the Tasmania Fire Service, I am given regular opportunities to get to some of the most beautiful, untouched and inaccessible parts of the state to carry out our work.

Places such as Millers Bluff in the Central Highlands, Mt Arthur in the North East, Mt Owen – overlooking Queenstown in the West and even atop the mountains surrounding Hobart.

Needless to say that my camera gear is one of the first things packed, and yes it does have “official” uses, taking pictures of our equipment and modifications and maintenance we have been doing.  But it does also get a chance to capture some great scenery aswell.

Recently i had a trip to the top of Mt Faulkner, above the Northern Suburbs of Hobart and Derwent Valley to help the local electricity suppliers do their job (read the meter!!). Getting there consists of a fairly rugged 4WD track and a short walk to the top.

Here is the view of Hobart from Mt Faulkner

Hobart City from Mt Faulkner

Hobart City from Mt Faulkner

This shot was a 9 Shot stitched panorama taken with Canon 400D and Canon 28-135mm lens and tripod.

Some of out other sites are accessible by Helicopter only, and if the weather is agains us we have to hike in, with tools and heavy equipment (generators, fuel, etc)

We recently had a trip where the weather closed in so fast that it was unsafe to fly the helicopter off the mountain. So the pilot had to tie it down and sleep in the Aircraft for the long cold night, while we hiked down in zero visibility on an unmarked track!!  Good times!!


My Other Hometown

Since I can remember, my family has been holidaying and living at Eaglehawk Neck (Near Port Arthur) on the Tasman Peninsula, in SOuth East Tasmania. Apart from the usual tourist attractions, it is one of the most beautiful parts of the state, and I feel lucky to ahve a lot of frinds and family in the area.
However, I have never really taken a lot of photographs of the area.
Being somethng that you see frequently, you tend to take it for granted. However I do have a couple of images i’d like to share, but rest assured, I intend on bulking out this part of my portfolio in the coming months!!

Sunset Reflections over Norfolk Bay (South East Tasmania)  Shot with Canon PowerShot S3-IS

Sunset Reflections over Norfolk Bay (South East Tasmania) Shot with Canon PowerShot S3-IS

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