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Surf Photography: Remarkable Caves

Here’s a few recent shots from another of my favourite passtimes, surf photography. Although I’m reluctant to get out of bed very early, I tagged along with a couple of my mates from Eaglehawk Neck last Saturday afternoon to chill out and see what I could capture.

While the surf itself was nothing to write home about particularly, by all reports it was genuinely fun.  While I’m not producing outstanding images as those seen by another local surf photographer, Stuart Gibson here’s a small collection form the day.
This also highlighted my need for a longer telephoto lens…


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More New Toys

Over the past month I’ve collected a few more bits and pieces to add to my gear-bag.

The most important addition being a new Canon EOS 40D dSLR body.  This is the bigger brother to my previous body, the 400D.  While i won’t bore you with technical specifications, they can all be found HERE, including a detailed revie, there are a number of differences which make is simply easier to use and can help produce better images.

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McGinniss Wedding Reception: Post Formalities

Here’s the second installment from Darren and Tori’s wedding reception.
The formalities were over and now was the time to relax and let some hair down. Some let down more hair than others.

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Gone South

Here’s a couple of images from a recent weekend at Catamaran, near Southport and Cocle Creek in far South Tasmania.

The beach is basically private, with only two or three properties having access to it, abundant with fish, abalone, rock lobster and even Calamari squid.

Absolutely perfect location for a lazy day by, or on the water, in one of the most untouched parts of Tassie.

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McGinniss Wedding Reception

Here are a few shots from the wedding reception that I shot for some good friends of mine.
The entire day was a great learning experience for me, and hopefully I’ve captured some important memories for them to look back on in the future.

NOTE: If any friends or family would like to purchase prints of any of the images from the day, just contact me @ and I’ll be happy to discuss the options.

Prints will be sourced from my un-compressed, high-resolution original files. And are available in a number of different sizes, finishes and products.


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First wedding shoot, pretty pleased

On the weekend just passed I had the pleasure/ challenge of shooting my first wedding for some friends of mine, although it was only the reception and some family portraits beforehand.
Given the constraints I had from time for shooting, the large amount of people and combinations that they wanted, and dealing with weather conditions (quite windy and late afternoon sun) I’m relatively happy with the raw results from the camera.
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Throw some light on the subject..

I’ve been gearing up to purchase myself a Speedlite for quite some time by reading a few reviews and getting some advice from others in the industy, so this week I shelled out for Canon’s 43EXII.

Preview at CLICK HERE

Luckily I got in before the coming price rise and also managed to bargan a substantial discount from the salesman at the time too.

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Sigma 10-20mm First Shots

These shots were taken at lunch today, around Hobart’s waterfront.
Obviously not the best lighting at midday, but i wanted to see how the wide angle coped with some upward shots with overhead sun.
I must say, I can see this lens getting a lot of use. I love it’s width, and it doesn’t seem to suffer from any “softness” that is reported with some Sigma lenses. (Only out of correct focus, which was my fault for usinf a larger than intended aperture setting)

The Big 'O'

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More New Gear On The Way

Since I began the journey into SLR land i’ve always been keen to get my hands on a good wide-angle lens, as my current, main lens is only as wide as 28mm, which may be fine on a 35mm or Full-frame DSLR, but on a Cropped-Sensor DSLR such as the 400D i have, it’s really only 44mm wide. which gives relatively poor results for taking great landscapes of shooting indoors.

So I set about hunting out a great deal on a good quality lens. I read countless reviews and lens lens tests on all the major players, such as
Canon’s EF-s10-22mm USM
Sigma’s 10-20mm EX-DC HSM
Tamron’s 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di-II
Tokina’s 12-24mm AT-X PRO DX
and also a number of different Canon EF Prime lenses.

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Reflection Collection

If you’ve seen most of the other posts in my blog or viewed my gallery, you’Il see that I have a thing for reflections…

Whether it be in water, glass, mirrors or even the oven door, I feel compelled to take a photo of it.

Here’s a couple of recent ones…

Shot with Canon 400D, EF28-135mm

Shot with Canon 400D, EF28-135mm

Shot with Canon 400D, Ef28-135mm

Shot with Canon 400D, Ef28-135mm

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